"The goal of education is to create good, knowledgeable, and skilled people. Teachers can develop enlightened individuals." Dr. A.P.J. Kalam

The second President of India, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s, birth anniversary was celebrated with a gathering of Ladyhill institution staff members in the Ladyhill Victoria Hall. The joint secretary of the Ladyhill Institutions, Sister Violet Tauro, the coordinator, Sister Supriya, headmistresses, and the entire staff presided over the event. The employees from the 4 schools on campus divided up the task of planning the event. The Joint Secretary, Sr. Violet Tauro, praised the teachers for their unselfish and committed work and urged them to continue to be the best Apostolic Carmel teachers by being knowledgeable, considerate, and loving.

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On the occasion of Teachers Day, Ladyhill English Primary students organized a vibrant event under the capable leadership of SPL Steffi Dsouza, Asst.SPL Anushkha Raj, and the cabinet members. For the teachers,games were held, and rewards were given out. The H.M. Sr. Maisie praised the educators for their perseverance, compassion, bravery, and dedication to educating young minds. She congratulated the students as well as the student delegates for organizing such an important programme. With their little yet kind gestures, students expressed their love, respect, and well wishes for each teacher.












Under the direction of PTA Vice President Mr. Praveen Kumar, the school PTA Executive members also celebrated Teachers Day. Teachers, Preparatory school HM Sr. Premita, English Primary HM Sr. Maisie, and the School Joint Secretary, Sr. Violet Tauro, attended the celebration. The members organized a brief cultural event. There were fun games played, which made for a lot of laughter and fun. The PTA executive members and the teachers participated in a throwball game and tug of war. Each of the teacher was felicitated by the Members.




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Overall, it was a day full of activities that the PTA members, teachers, and students all found enjoyable. Everyone there will always cherish their memories of the teachers' day in 2022. A delicious lunch marked the program's end.

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