Peace is the most fundamental starting point for human progress. If we do not teach our children that peace is preferable to war and violence, we will live in a world dominated by hatred and bigotry.

    Therefore, Ladyhill English Higher Primary School declared the week of January 23–30 to be "Peace Week." The teachers of classes 1–7 created a variety of activities to teach students how to be compassionate toward victims of violence and war, among other lessons. We read and discussed God's word related to peace from the Bible, Bhagvath Gita, and Quran during staff meetings and daily assemblies.

    On their class activity day, the students in Class 2 A demonstrated the significance of Peace Day through songs, quotations, famous peacemakers, exercises and meditation that can foster inner peace.

    The students of each class participated in a general discussion about the value of having a peaceful society. Children discussed their views on the value of peace in the modern world. The following activities were additionally completed by the students:

     At the beginning of each period, students were asked to sit in silence while peace hymns and songs were sung. Find out about different peacemakers, read some quotes about peace, enacted skits on peace, wrote and displayed peace quotes in the classroom's bulletin boards. On the school veranda, peace-themed crafts, symbols, and posters were displayed.


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     As a result, the Peace Week aided the students in understanding what peace is and how to better the world. They consequently gained knowledge of the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration. The children learned about the horrors of war, its effects on people, and how peace can be a more potent force than war.

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