The arrival of the chief guest, Mr. Haridas Kulur, Physical Director of University College, Konaje,who was escorted by the Ladyhill English Higher Primary School headmistress Sr. Maisie, Asst. Headmistress Sr. Jyothi, and the teachers set an enthusiastic atmosphere to begin the parents' sports day. It started with a prayer service by the school choir, invoking God's blessings for the day followed with the inauguration by lighting of a lamp by the chief guest.

     The entire stage programme was conducted and compered by the PTA members under the leadership of the PTA Vice President, Mr. Praveen Kumar. In his speech, the chief guest emphasized the importance of parents participating in school activities and sports, which help in developing discipline and physical fitness in children. He also spoke about the importance of regular sports events in schools.

    The games were organized for both men and women and were well received by the parents and students. A small-scale fancy fete was held to quench everybody's thirst and hunger, and the games stalls brought in a huge crowd of parents and students.

     The prize distribution ceremony was the highlight of the day, bringing in a lot of joy and excitement among the parents and students. The PTA members teamspirit ensured that everything went on smoothly and efficiently.

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     In conclusion, the sports day was a great success, with everyone participating with enthusiasm and enjoying the events. It was a great platform for parents and students to bond and have fun together, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The school management and the PTA received a loud round of applause for their efforts in organizing such a memorable day.

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