The Teacher Effectiveness Workshop was conducted on 29th May 2023 at Ladyhill English Higher Primary School. The workshop was organised as a part of the orientation program for the academic year 2023-24. The resource person for the workshop was Prof.Joselyn T Lobo,( Retd) Associate Professor & Consultant GRID , an esteemed expert in the field of education. The event was attended by the teaching staff of the Primary and Preparatory school and key members of the administration.

    The event commenced by invoking Gods blessings through a prayer song followed by Tr. Rosely, introducing Prof. Joselyn Lobo to the attendees. Additionally, the Headmistress, Sr. Jennifer Moras A.C, the Assistant Headmistress, Sister Ivy Moras A. C, and the Headmistress of Ladyhill Preparatory School, Sr. Premita A. C, were present to welcome the resource person.

    The workshop began at 9:00 AM in the school hall and continued until 3:00 PM. Prof. Joselyn Lobo led the session, addressing various aspects of teacher effectiveness. He employed thought-provoking activities and discussions to engage the participants and stimulate their thinking on effective teaching practices.

   Throughout the workshop, Prof. Joselyn highlighted key issues and shared strategies that can help teachers enhance their teaching effectiveness. The topics included innovative teaching methods, effective classroom management through activities, VAK Model, SOLER Listening Formula, fostering student engagement, and promoting inclusive education.

   The workshop was designed to provide practical insights and actionable advice to the teachers, encouraging them to explore new approaches and refine their teaching techniques. Prof. Joselyn emphasised the importance of continuous professional development and lifelong learning for educators.

   The Teacher Effectiveness Workshop at Ladyhill English Higher Primary School was a valuable and engaging event. Prof. Joselyn Lobo's expertise and interactive teaching methods created a dynamic learning environment for the teachers. The workshop served as an opportunity for the teachers to enhance their skills and gain fresh perspectives on effective teaching practices.









   At the end of the workshop, Tr. Ranjitha delivered a vote of thanks on behalf of the staff and expressed gratitude to Prof. Joselyn Lobo for his enlightening session .

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