On 5th June 2023, LadyHill English Higher Primary School celebrated World Environment Day keeping in mind the theme, “BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION" with great enthusiasm and a series of small initiatives aimed at making a big difference to the world.

   The event took place during the school assembly, where students of class 6A began the assembly with a scripture reading that emphasised the importance of taking care of the environment, followed by a prayer that focused on gratitude for the natural resources and a thought for the day that highlighted the significance of environmental conservation. The students then sang a prayer song dedicated to the protection of the environment, creating an atmosphere of unity and reverence for nature.

   Several tips to save the environment from deteriorating were shared with the entire school community. These tips included promoting the "each one plant one" initiative to encourage afforestation, practising the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to minimise waste generation, riding bicycles for good health and reducing carbon emissions, saving water through mindful consumption, and tackling the issue of plastic pollution by choosing eco-friendly alternatives.

   The celebration also provided a platform for students from classes 1 to 8 to showcase their creative talents and express their thoughts on environmental conservation. They participated in various activities such as slogan writing, creating wealth out of waste, highlighting the importance of trees as life-givers, crafting paper bags as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags, emphasising the necessity of saving water, and nurturing and understanding plants. These activities allowed the students to develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues and explore innovative solutions.

   Additionally, a cleanliness drive was organised within the school premises to reinforce the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Students actively participated in cleaning their classrooms, corridors, and school grounds, instilling a sense of responsibility and pride in keeping their surroundings clean and free from pollution.

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   The World Environment Day celebration at LadyHill English Higher Primary School was a resounding success, as it provided a platform for students to learn, engage, and take small steps towards protecting the environment. Through their collective efforts, the students showcased their commitment to building a sustainable future and serving as responsible stewards of the environment.

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