The celebration of International Yoga Day began with a serene prayer, setting a calm and introspective atmosphere. Students participated in the prayer session, reflecting on the principles of peace and harmony that yoga encourages.

  Following the prayer, the significance of International Yoga Day was explained by the students of class IIB. They elaborated on how this day highlights the ancient practice of yoga, emphasizing its role in achieving balance, strength, and flexibility in life.

  Later students from different grades enthusiastically demonstrated a variety of yoga asanas they had learned and practiced. Each asana was performed with focus, grace, and attention to proper technique, showcasing the students' dedication and progress in their yoga practice.

  The event concluded with a message from the Vice Principal Sr. Ivy Moras AC, where she highlighted the importance of integrating yoga into daily routines for harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. She encouraged students and staff alike to integrate yoga into their daily routines because its benefit will extend far beyond the mat, enhancing a balanced lifestyle.




  The International Yoga Day celebration at Ladyhill English Higher Primary School successfully promoted awareness about the holistic benefits of yoga among students. It served as a reminder of the importance of incorporating yoga into daily life to achieve overall well-being.

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