"The world is exactly as we imagine it to be. We can change the world if we can change a mind ". The Ladyhill English Higher Primary School Guides and Bulbuls commemorated World Thinking Day with this quote.

     It was observed to think about fellow brothers and sisters, to address their issues, to comprehend the actual meaning of Guiding, and to remember the founders of Scouting and Guiding, Lord and Lady Baden- Powell, on their joint birthday.
    The session opened with a "All Faith Prayer," followed by a discussion of the day's significance. Students were inspired to follow their motto, "Be Prepared." They pledged to uphold the principles of a Guide by being Generous, United, Inspiring, Disciplined and Empowered.
    Finally, the bulbuls sang their bulbul ring song for the audience. To commemorate the occasion, games were held for the guides and bulbuls.

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