On the 5th of April 2022, in the hall of Ladyhill Victoria High School, an enriching session for the teachers of Ladyhill Institutions on the topic "A centenary teacher" was organised in the post-Centenary year of the Annunciation Convent. Dr.Sr. Jeswina A.C., the ex-principal of St.Agnes College, was the resource person.

      The session opened with a prayer before greeting the resource person and all of the Ladyhill Campus's teachers. Because a teacher is a manifestation of life and love, Dr.Sr. Jeswina emphasised the importance of teachers in today's culture. Teachers must be dedicated and sensitive to be centennial teachers, she said. The session was made more engaging by group activities and discussions.
      The two and a half hours spent with Dr.Sr.Jeswina were extremely beneficial, and the teachers departed the Ladyhill campus feeling grateful for their roles as Apostolic Carmel Teachers and the knowledge they gained. They challenged themselves to be, "Compassionate , Committed and Centenarian " teachers. 

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