On account of the  World Environment Day, on June 4th , 2022, students from Class 4th  B presented an awareness programme.
The goal of the programme was to raise student awareness about the importance of protecting our environment from various types of pollution and planting more trees and saplings to make our mother earth more green.
         The programme began with the chief guest Tr. Sherine and Headmistress Sr. Maisie A. C unfolding a wrapped plant, followed by a prayer service in which it was stated that God is our Creator, and the earth and all things in it are His Masterpiece. This was followed by the song "Earth is my home......"
       The students of Class 4th B, coached by Tr. Renilda, presented an enriching programme that included a  song , environmental quotes, the importance of the 3R's, dance, and a video on "tips to save the environment for a better tomorrow."
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The chief guest Tr. Sherine, highlighted the value of green in the form of an acronym in her speech, saying 
G - God has gifted this beautiful nature. 
R - It is our responsibility to save nature. 
E- Earth provides us with everything.
E- Efforts to save the environment.
N- Nurture nature for a better tomorrow.
     In her address, Headmistress Sr. Maisie encouraged the students to plant a fruit or flowering sapling and care for it. She also advised  them to use water and electricity sparingly, which helps to preserve our environment for the future.

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