"Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow".

 The Ladyhill English Higher Primary School students participated in the Van Mahotsav, also known as the "Tree Planting Festival," on July 13. We started the day by giving thanks to God for the gift of the natural world, which keeps us alive. The celebration was hosted by Class 3B students, who shared educational themes through dance, singing, and a skit. 
      Dr. Vibha Salian, the day's chief guest and a former student of the school, spoke on instilling the virtues of responsibility, discipline, and kindness in every circumstance of one's life, not just toward other humans but also toward plants and animals. She added that, anybody can improve the world they live in with the aid of these values.
     A video presentation about trees added to the program's educational value. It increased awareness of the value of trees and highlighted the need to plant and care for them with care as one of the best strategies to fight global warming and lower pollution.
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