Drawing inspiration from Jesus Christ, the Supreme Teacher, protection from our Lady of Mount Carmel and direction from our foundress Mother Veronica and expressing solidarity with all people, Ladyhill English Higher Primary School envisages the building of a God Oriented Educative Community to develop them as the Precious Human Resource of our Society.

Imbued with deep faith in God and inspired by the Spirit of our Foundress Venerable Mother Veronica and Apostolic Carmel pioneers in Education, in collaboration with the staff, the institution strives to promote holistic development of all students with specific focus on their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and aesthetic growth while pursuing academic excellence and preservation of environment.


The School Coat - of Arms highlights the ideals the school stands for. The motto “THROUGH EFFORT TO GLORY” stresses the need for hard work, whether in studies or games, to achieve anything worthwhile in life. The prominent palm-tree proclaims that the wealth and grace of Bharath is the heritage of the school. The variety of smooth and rough in the landscape is symbolic of the ease and challenge that is part of every student’s life, and must be faced. The name Ladyhill stands for Mary, Mother of Jesus, who is the patroness of our school, and crowning all is the Cross, for in Christ is our education blest.

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