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     The PTA General Body Meeting at Ladyhill English Higher Primary School provided a chance to honour Yogini Kavitha Ashok and student Madhulashree, whose presence in our lives has been an inspiration, for their incredible journeys and achievements.

     Kavitha Ashok obtained her YIC programme at Vyasa Vivekananda University in Bangalore. She has previously taught yoga at Nazareth School, Bethany Institutions, and Apostolic Carmel Institutions. In 2004, she won the Hero of Champions award for yoga at the state level, and in 2007, she won the top prize in the global competition. She broke Kiran Surendran of Kerala's record of 25 minutes and 8 seconds and joined the India Book of Records by completing Sirsa Padmasana on March 23, 2023, in 29 minutes and 6 seconds. V.L. Rego, a well-known yoga master from throughout the world, has given her instructions and direction.

    Second, we recognised our student whose accomplishments made us all proud. The daughter of M. Saravanan and S. Tamil Selvi, S. Madhulashree joined the India Book of Records at Ganda Bherundasana on March 21, 2023, with a time of 15 minutes, 36 seconds. The yoga instructor at this institution, yogini Kavitha Ashok, has instructed her.

    The dignitaries that carried out this noteworthy act were Sister Violette Tauro AC, joint secretary of Ladyhill Institutions, Sister Jennifer Moras AC, the headmistress,Asst. Headmistress Sister Ivy Moras, and Mr. Manoj Louis, assistant professor at Govt First Grade College in Kavoor.

   Their words of support and appreciation left a lasting impact on their lives, which will keep them motivated as they work towards their goals.

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