The seed of the Apostolic Carmel was sown in the heart of s great woman who little realized the greatness of the mission God was entrusting to her. Mother Veronica of the Passion the Foundress of the Apostolic Carmel harkened to the inner still voice of God “I want you in Carmel”, to found a Carmel for the Missions  at the West Coast of  Malabar India. After years of struggles, suffering and challenges she founded the Congregation at Bayonne – France in the year 1868.

In the fields of time, a seed carried from the hands of  Mother Veronica from Bayonne in France was sown by her Religious daughters Mother Marie des Anges, Sister Elias and Sister  St. Joseph in Mangalore, India.

On November 19th, 1870 these three pioneer Apostolic  Carmel Sisters landed on the shore of  Bunder, Mangalore ending a long and perilous voyage of three months, were warmly received  by Bishop Marie Ephrem, the priests of  Rosario Cathedral and a large number of the people of  Mangalore, who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sisters who would devote and dedicate themselves whole – heartedly to the education of  youth.

It was this great Woman Mother Marie des Anges who was destined by God to tend the crop of that little seed from Bayonne now planted in St. Ann’s Mangalore.  Mother Marie des Anges  the First Superior  General, made Mangalore the field of her unstinted labour for 40 years from 1870 – 1909. She brought the Carmelite heritage and seeded and watered it and saw it grow into a sturdy sapling.  The crop from that little seed was the great spreading tree of the Apostolic Carmel.

When an increasing number of girls sought admission to the school  each successive year it became evident that larger facilities were necessary. In the year 1960 once again pressure mounted from the society for a school with English as the medium of instruction.  Complying with the request of the parents, standard I was started in the year 1961.

In April 1965 parents of the pupils petitioned the D.P.I.  through the Mother Superior of  Ladyhill Convent to grant permission  to open English medium classes up to standard  3. In November 1965, this permission was granted to open English sections, but with no aid from government.  In April 1965, efforts were made to open the English medium school. In November 1965, this sanction was obtained.  In May 1965 Std 3 was opened with 35 pupils on roll. In 1967 Std I – VI English Primary received Recognition and permission granted to open Std VII.

In 1968 the PTA of the English Higher Primary School was formed.  Over- crowded class rooms lack of building space made it imperative for a spacious school building.  The joint efforts of loyal and devoted staff, the support of the Management, parents and well – wishers saw the new block raised and the pupils joyously occupied their new spacious classrooms.

Later a greater need arose and this building was needed to house the Pre – University classes. The year 2001 saw us all, the staff and the pupils climbing up LADY-HILL. Indeed we were now on the top of the hill enjoying the green spot, breathing fresh air and plenty of space to romp around.. Now we proudly say that our school stands on a hill, which gives meaning to its name “LADYHILL”.

An enduring faith in the Lord’s ways a deep dedication and devotion to the great work of Education – guiding youth in the innocence of life – aiding their spiritual, moral and academic formation is the RICH LEGACY left to us by these WOMEN WHO WALKED WITH GOD.

We continue to form young students of character, competence and conscience complied with deep compassion and commitment and to foster in students rich human values and cultural heritage so that they are urged to respond to life’s challenges with joy and courage that is rooted in faith in God and prayer and thus become responsible citizens. Yes in His time God makes everything beautiful, so is Ladyhill English Higher Primary School.

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