The Independence Day celebration at Ladyhill English higher primary school was a grand event. The school band was in full patriotic spirits as it led the chief guest Sr. Jennifer Moras AC , PTA Vice President Mr.Praveen Kumar and the senior teacher Mrs. Rosely D'costa to the school grounds for the celebration of Independence day. The highlight was the flag hoisting ceremony, which was performed by the Headmistress Sr. Jennifer Moras AC. The students ,staff and parents gathered with great enthusiasm to witness the flag being unfurled, followed by the singing of the national anthem.

Later the celebration featured a captivating cultural program by the students of class 3A and class 5B at the Golden Jubilee Memorial Hall. The program began with divine prayer service which promoted unity, gratitude, and a sense of national identity. Later the Cultural program showcased the rich diversity of our nation. Students participated in dance, music, and drama performances that celebrated India's unity in diversity. Various cultural performances and patriotic speeches added to the festive atmosphere, fostering a strong sense of national pride among everyone present.







The headmistress Sr. Jennifer Moras AC delivered a powerful message on patriotism, emphasizing the importance of unity, respect for the country's heritage, and the responsibility each individual has in contributing to the nation's progress and cleanliness of our country. Her inspiring words resonated with the audience and reinforced the spirit of patriotism among all attendees.

Later the winners of various sports events and competitions were honored for their exceptional performances and achievements by the guests on the dais.

Thus Independence Day celebration was a resounding success, bringing together the entire school community to commemorate the nation's freedom with enthusiasm and pride. Miss Reeva Dsilva and Miss Rakshika Shetty were the MC's of the program and Master Lemuel Miranda proposed the vote of thanks.

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