On the occasion of Hindi Diwas,the celebration commenced with great enthusiasm. Students from classes V to VII participated in a Hindi Handwriting Competition, where they showcased their skills in writing Hindi alphabets and words neatly. It was heartening to witness the effort and dedication put forth by the students.

  Following the Handwriting Competition, The students according to their four squads were tasked with creating thought-provoking slogans, creative poems, and poster making that emphasized the importance of Hindi language and reflecting the love and pride we hold for our National Language.

   The highlight of the event was an assembly program conducted in the school hall where students presented a prayer service , the significance of Hindi Diwas and action song in Hindi. This not only showcased the linguistic talents of our students but also instilled a sense of pride in our cultural heritage.

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    In conclusion, the Hindi Diwas celebration in our school was a resounding success, fostering a deep appreciation for our national language. It encouraged students to embrace Hindi and take pride in its rich heritage. Such events play a crucial role in promoting linguistic diversity and cultural understanding.

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