“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future, and teachers are the architects of that foundation”

   To honor the dedication and commitment of educators in shaping the destinies On September 5, 2023, the members of the school cabinet organized a heartfelt celebration in honor of Teachers' Day. The event was marked by a prayer service, heart touching wishing song and enthusiastic performances, all dedicated to showing appreciation and gratitude to the dedicated educators.

   As part of our school's bicentennial celebration, a special event was organized to honor and pay tribute to the retired staff members of our school Mrs. Renee Fernandes, Sr. Rose Marie and Mrs Doris Misquith who had dedicated their careers to our institution. The event served as an opportunity to express our deep gratitude for their contributions and to celebrate their lasting impact on the school. As a special recognition the present staff of the school were also felicitated. It was indeed a proud moment for all staff.

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  The celebration incorporated a variety of games and activities that brought teachers and students closer in a spirit of teamwork and fun.  As a gesture of appreciation, the cabinet presented gifts to each teacher. These gifts symbolized the students' recognition of their teachers' dedication and commitment to their education.

    The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members of our school came together in the afternoon to celebrate Teacher's Day in a grand and appreciative manner.

  The celebration began with a sumptuous meal. The PTA members, along with the staff, gathered to share a delightful lunch. This casual and friendly atmosphere set the tone for the rest of the event. A highlight of the celebration was a mesmerizing dance performance put up by energetic PTA members and the enthusiastic games.

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    The Teacher's Day celebration at Ladyhill English Higher Primary school was a resounding success. It not only allowed students and parents to express their gratitude towards their teachers but also provided a platform for teachers, parents and students to bond and enjoy memorable moments together. It was a day filled with appreciation, laughter, and the spirit of learning that will be cherished by all who attended.


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