The celebration of the Bicentennial Birth Anniversary of Venerable Mother Veronica the founder of The Apostolic Carmel at Ladyhill English Higher Primary School commenced with a solemn mass, offered by Rev. Fr. Leo Veigas. He offered his prayerful tribute to Mother Veronica for her enduring legacy and commitment to education. Following the mass, a vibrant cultural program unfolded, featuring performances that showcased values and teachings from the life of Venerable Mother Veronica. Students of Carmel Blossoms actively participated, creating a festive atmosphere filled with gratitude and reflection on Mother Veronica's significant contributions to our educational institution. The occasion was graced by Sr. Maria Zeena AC, the vice principal of St Ann's College Of Education and Sr. Violet Tauro, the Joint Secretary Of Ladyhill institutions.

  In order to honor and celebrate the life of Mother Veronica, a series of engaging activities was designed by the Headmistress Sr. Jennifer Moras and Assistant Headmistress Sr. Ivy Moras for students and teachers like quiz, drawing, poem writing and story writing on Venerable Mother Veronica. These activities were crafted with the intention of not only educating students and teachers about Mother Veronica but also fostering a sense of inspiration for Mother Veronica's enduring legacy.

   The chief guest Sr. Maria Zeena AC ,the Vice Principal of St Ann's College Of Education took a moment to share inspiring words about the significance of practicing the values of love, obedience ,care , prayerfulness , generous, living a life pleasing to God and truthfulness from the life of Venerable Mother Veronica. The chief guest expressed appreciation for the efforts put forth by all the students of Carmel Blossoms.

   The winners of various competitions were awarded by our esteemed chief guest which served as shining examples of dedication and creativity in keeping Mother Veronica's legacy alive.Chris Fernandes expressed gratitude to the Chief Guest for gracing the occasion and inspiring the school community with their presence.

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   Thus the celebration of the Bicentennial birth anniversary of Venerable Mother Veronica continues to resonate in our hearts and guides us in our own journeys of compassion, education, and unwavering faith. May her legacy endure, inspiring generations to come.

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