On the 31st of January 2024, the Scouts, Guides and Bulbuls of Ladyhill English Higher Primary School along with Headmistress Sr Jennifer Moras A C and  few teachers visited the Aakash Shipping Agency at Baikampady industrial area. The visit aimed to enhance their knowledge of coffee and to provide a first-hand understanding of the intricacies and challenges involved in the coffee-making process.

       Mr. Manohar, Mr Ganesh Bhat and Mr. Shamanth of Aakash Shipping Agency played a crucial role in guiding students through the entire procedure of the coffee industry, providing valuable insights and support throughout the learning process. Their expertise and dedication greatly contributed to the students' understanding and appreciation of the coffee industry and provided significant perspectives into cultivation, harvesting, processing, and quality control of Coffee seeds.








    Thus this visit fostered a holistic learning environment, helping students connect classroom concepts with industry realities and potentially inspiring future career paths.

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