With this lovely thought, the teachers gave the lovely pupils of Ladyhill English Higher Primary School a gracious welcome with a classical movement dance, and they expressed their love through the only language they knew: smiles, for November 14th, the day that marks childhood.

       With the Headmistress Sr. Maisie A.C., Asst.Headmistress Sr. Jyothi Crasta A.C., School Pupil Leader Monisha A.S., and Asst. SPL Adsha Dsouza lighting the diyas, the teachers led a prayer service in which they pleaded with the Almighty to bless the children with joy, hope, and peace, and to help them to be pure by imbibing right values. 
      The students were wished by the teacher nightingales, who later performed various acts, in order to demonstrate their love and affection for them.
      The Headmistress urged the students in her message, delivered through the Value-based Skit, to develop positive qualities that will help them climb the success ladder.
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      In the presence of their parents, Rianna Dhrithi Fernandes of Class 7 and Alyssa Sweedal Rego of Class 5 were recognised for their achievements in the swimming sport. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the spot quiz and the lucky game. 
      Adsha Dsouza's words of gratitude were followed by the singing of the National Anthem and the distribution of sweets to commemorate Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday. Overall, the day was filled with laughter and fun for the children to live their childhood.

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