On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Class 7 students of Ladyhill English Higher Primary School organised a special program to celebrate and honour the women in their lives. The program was held in the school hall and was attended by students, teachers, and special guests.

The program started with a prayer service led by the students on the five finger theme, where they prayed for the well-being and success of all women. The students then performed a welcome dance, which was a tribute to all the women present in the audience.

The skit on women empowerment, showcased the struggles and challenges faced by women in society and how they overcome them with strength and determination. The skit was a powerful reminder of the importance of gender equality and the need to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women.

The students presented a short biography of Mother Teresa, who was a prominent figure in the world of humanitarian work and dedicated her life to serving the poor and marginalised.

The highlight of the program was the speech given by the chief guest Mrs.Kathijathul Kubra Headmistress Bearys Public School, who spoke about the significance of International Women's Day and the need to strive for gender equality. She emphasised the importance of empowering women and girls and encouraged everyone to work towards creating a more equal and just society.It was an honour for our pupils Jessica Serena Jonas and Prithvika Kotian, who won gold and bronze medals in State level wrestling, to be recognised by Mrs. Kathijathul Kubra.

Finally, the headmistress of the school Sr. Maisie A.C. appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers in organising a creative and meaningful program. She commended the students for their hard work and dedication in showcasing the important role that women play in society.

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Overall, the Women's Day program organised by the Class 7 students of Ladyhill English Higher Primary School was a great success. It was a powerful reminder of the important contributions that women make to society and the need to celebrate and empower them. The program was a testament to the creativity and dedication of the students and teachers, and it was a memorable and inspiring event for all who witnessed it.

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