Worlds Thinking Day, also known as Founders Day for Scouts, Guides, and Bulbuls, was observed at Ladyhill English Primary School to honour the lives of Lady Olave Baden Powell, the World Chief Guide, and Lord Baden Powell, who founded the Boy Scout Movement.

   Under the theme "Our world, our peaceful future," the programme started with an All Faith Prayer before lighting the Diya to invoke God's presence. To recognize the significance of the day, the Scouts, Guides, and Bulbuls, along with their Captains, put together a significant programme.

   The bulbuls highlighted the positive traits required to live a better and more peaceful existence in harmony with nature and in this world, including being inspired by the gift of nature and being disciplined, self-assured, on time, responsible, and being honest with nature, the world, and other people.

   Tr. Irene D'Silva, the physical trainer and guide instructor at Ladyhill Victoria Composite PU College, urged the students to cultivate good study habits such as being disciplined, truthful, respectful of one another, and living by the scouts and guides movement's motto, "Be Prepared."















   The programme concluded by stating that if we follow the aspects of a peaceful environment, we can achieve a peaceful world in the future.

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