The Thanksgiving programme for class 7 pupils at Ladyhill English Higher Primary School was held on March 20, 2023. The presentation was unforgettable for the pupils since they were bid farewell by the school and received important messages.

        The performance began with the class 7 pupils being greeted by the class 4 and 6 students by reciting the welcome acronym. The presence of God was sought by lighting the lamp, which was followed by a brief prayer service. The Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration for the catholic students was held to thank God for all of the blessings given on the students throughout their academic journey.

         Class 4 and 6 students sang a poignant parting wishing song, which brought back memories and bestowed blessings on the students. The students were moved by their junior friends' devotion and affection.

         During the programme, a motivational video was shown to the pupils, emphasising the significance of staying focused in life. The video emphasised the need of hard effort and perseverance in order to attain success in life

         Sr. Maisie, the school's headmistress, delivered an inspiring message to the students. She reminded the pupils to live up to the ideals they had learned and fostered over their seven years of primary school. She reminded the students to always remember God and that if they make the right decisions in their lives, they will arrive at the proper destination. She also recommended the youngsters to seek the assistance and guidance of their elders if they encountered difficulties in their lives.

           The school pupil leader, assistant school pupil leader, and a cabinet minister expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the headmistress, teachers, and non-teaching staff for assisting, nurturing, and training them to be the ideal citizens of this country. They also wished the class 7 students well in their academic and personal lives.


















         In conclusion, the Thanksgiving programme for class 7 children was a great occasion that the students will remember for years to come. The curriculum was successful in teaching in the pupils the qualities of thankfulness, hard effort and perseverance. The pupils said farewell with love and affection, which will live on in their memories for the rest of their lives.

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